When should you trim a topiary tree?

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There’s nothing quite like a topiary tree. Their immaculate, precise shapes make them a worthy addition to any garden or outdoor space. Popular with home and business owners alike, the species traditionally used for topiary – namely evergreen trees and shrubs – are easy to care for in general. When you are using it as a specimen tree, the only real challenge is keeping them in shape, a process that can be a little tricky and time consuming.

Even if you’re handy with the shears, though, it’s important to trim your tree at just the right time. Otherwise, you could risk causing it harm or, at the very least, spoiling its appearance and undoing your hard work.

When to trim your topiary

The best time to trim topiary is during the summer, preferably early on. Most experts recommend pruning them in June, when the leaves are firmer and more resilient.

Although your tree might look ready for pruning much earlier (in early spring, in some cases), pruning at this point isn’t a good idea. If you trim it too early, you could bruise the plant and be left with uneven, unpleasant-looking leaves – and the shape of the tree won’t be as uniform.

Pruning too early isn’t a death knell for the tree, though – it will recover just fine. But if you want your topiary to look its best, hold your horses until June.

If it grows rapidly over the summer and you feel it needs another trim, leave this no later than August. It’s perfectly normal to trim a topiary tree once at the start of summer and again at the end, particularly if you want a perfectly uniform shape!

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