As well as stocking the UK’s largest collection of olive trees, here at Olive Grove Oundle we have a variety of specimen plants available for delivery across the UK - including a number of gorgeous Red Robin plants.

The Red Robin is a part of the Photinia family. A distinctive evergreen shrub or tree, it has glorious shiny red leaves over the spring and summer, which revert to a rich dark green hue over the autumn and winter seasons. In short, it’s an attractive plant all year round, which is partly what makes it so popular.

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Our Price: £995.00

As specimen plants go, the Red Robin is also quite affordable – and it’s even relatively easy to care for. Though it’s happiest in the sun, it can cope perfectly well with partial shade and is able to withstand British winters without issue when matured.

We have a variety of different Red Robin plants for sale here at our premises in Oundle, just outside of Peterborough. We’re easy to get to, so why not pay us a visit? Alternatively, order your chosen plants online with nationwide delivery.

Types of Red Robin Plants We Sell

Part of our wider range of topiary trees, our collection of Red Robin plants includes a number of different styles, sizes and varieties. Below, you’ll find both trees and shrubs – all of which would make for eye-catching additions to your garden.

The majority of the plants you see here are standard Red Robins – the traditional type that we all know and love. But if you want something a little slower-growing and more compact, we have just the solution: the Red Robin Compacta.

Even smaller in stature than the ‘Little Red Robin’, the Compacta is easier to care for too. The former variety can begin to look untidy if left uncut, but the Compacta looks smart all year round. Its diminutive size doesn’t make it any less beautiful, either – its red leaves still look just as exquisite in the summer.

From colourful shrubs on frames to elegant topiary trees, our range of Red Robin Photinias has it all. Get yours online today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do Red Robin plants grow?

They have a typical annual growth rate of 30cm, though if you’d like something slower-growing, we also have Compacta varieties in stock.

How hardy are Red Robin Photinias?

Red Robins are certainly hardy enough for British winters. The RHS classified the plant as an H5, as it’s hardy in most areas of the UK even in severe winters (down to between -15 and -10°C).

Where should I place these plants in my garden?

Red Robins prefer full sun, but they can also be placed in partial shade and still perform well.

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