The Largest
Selection of Olive
Trees in the UK

At Olive Grove Oundle, we take pride in offering the largest selection of Olive Trees in the UK, along with a range of Speciment plants, decorative ornaments, pots and potted center pieces.

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Our special offers won’t be around forever, so if you find the olive tree you want, then it’s best to snap it up while you can. Get up to 60% off some of our favourites.

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Olive Trees

We have the UK’s largest stock of olive trees for you to browse through. Find the perfect one for your business or home today.

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Our Range Of Olive Trees

Our impressive range of standard olive trees includes ancient olive trees over 1,000 years old and a range of small, medium, and large trees that make perfect ornamental pieces for commercial properties or private gardens. Other popular varieties we stock include clipped, cloud-topped, potted, screening and pruned olive trees.

Working with you, our team of experts can advise on the right type of tree and impart their specialist knowledge to help you take care of your plant, so you can enjoy your purchase for years to come. Contact us to learn more by emailing us at or call us on 01832 275660.

The largest selection
of Olive Trees

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Browse our most popular olive trees in our olive tree nursery as selected by our customers.

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About Us

Eleanor Best
Eleanor Best
Beautiful garden centre for mediterranean and tropical trees. Very well laid out, clearly very knowledgeable about olive trees, palms and certain other tropical and temperate tree varieties
All about olives they have small. Size to massive trees I think start from £25-£00000 seams bit expensive but. Good place to go and have a look have a big car park and easy to find
Steven Glaser
Steven Glaser
I've never actually done business with this company (yet, I probably will soon, even though I'm in London!); in as much as no money changed hands. Nonetheless, I can't rate them highly enough. 5 full stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My friend and I were desperate to find out what was killing his two potted olive trees; which - whilst he's in north London, and not Greece! - had done perfectly well for 3 years, thru 3 London winters outside. Well, a chap called Matt answered both my call, and my plea.for help (on Easter Monday to boot...). Not only did he give me almost a quarter of an hour of his time, so I could benefit from his wisdom, experience and expertise in everything olive tree-ish, but he was even the bearer of glad tidings, in that it seems that olive trees are hardier than I/we thought, and are quite capable of dying back a bit in winter, but then coming on strong again in the summer growth months. 😉 🫒 He also advised me on a struggling baby grape vine. Not such welcome news there... ;( 🍇 How nice to come across an informed person who cares enough to pass their knowledge on; beyond the sniff of money. Most businesses that do well, long term, focus on their business, their reputation, their quality; not so much the money itself. 💰... 🤠👍✌️
Alto Saxx
Alto Saxx
Outstanding venue for such beautiful trees, the age and elegance of the specimens is a delight to the eye
Joe Zielinski
Joe Zielinski
Such a great selection of olive trees and garden accessories - we really enjoyed visiting! Our olive trees arrived today in great condition. Highly recommended and a great service.
Konstantin Yarosh
Konstantin Yarosh
Учтив персонал. Красиви дръвчета. Трудно място за доставка с HGV. Спазвайте работното време, защото вечер е затворено и няма място за обръщане към Питербъро. Но през работно време , е възможно обръщане на тяхна територия.
Ian Walker
Ian Walker
Amazing selection of olive trees and other exotic plants prices from £100 tp £2500 plus. Well worth a look around.

About Us

Olive Grove Oundle was founded by Tim and Jacqueline Thackeray in 2009. Starting the journey as a Mediterranean nursery, their decision to develop the olive tree nursery was born from a desire to create a lifestyle business that would allow them to work, live and meet customers in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

Today, the Olive Grove nursery has the largest range of olive trees in the UK and have become specialists in this plant variety.

About Us