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When it comes to large plants, sometimes you just need to come and have a visit to our centre. If you’re close to the A1 you can get to us pretty quickly. We’re just a few minutes south east of Peterborough, just next to the small town of Oundle. Use the map below to find your best route or type ‘Olive Grove Oundle’ into google maps.

While you’re here, why not have a look around our Deli and Interiors department? We have a wide range of quality products ranging from locally sourced & butchered meats to hand made figurines. You could also have a meal in our fantastic restaurant. Our stone baked pizzas are especially good! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Olive Grove Oundle

Just 15 minutes from Peterborough

Oundle Road, Polebrook, Northants, PE8 5LQ

Tel: 01832 275660

Fax: 01832 275667

email: info@olivegroveoundle.co.uk