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We offer cloud olive trees in varying shapes and sizes that can transform and complement your outdoor spaces. As it’s an evergreen plant, clipping an olive tree promotes new shoots to grow, giving your tree a new lease of life and plenty of fruit for an authentic Mediterranean experience.

From gardens to commercial properties, whether you’re after a large or small olive tree, the cloud olive trees look beautiful and come ready-pruned and planted in a pot.

Find the perfect statement piece for your garden online today at Olive Grove. If you need any assistance with choosing your olive tree, feel free to get in touch. If pruned olive trees aren’t what you’re looking for, then view our full range of non-clipped olive trees.

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Why Get a Cloud Olive Tree

Cloud olive trees offer a tidy, pruned style that can be shaped to suit your preference.


What does clipping an olive tree do?

Clipping an olive tree is essential for the fruit to grow. As the olive tree is an evergreen plant, new growth will be produced from most of the pruning cuts. This means you can enjoy a beautifully pruned tree with the delicious benefits of your very own olives - perfect for eating on their own or adding to your favourite Mediterranean recipes.

How to clip olive trees?

To effectively clip an olive tree, remove any suckers or water shoots from the base, cutting as close to the base as possible. From there, you can tackle the crown. You shouldn’t need to clip very often, as olive trees tend to grow slowly.

What tools are used to clip the olive trees?

We use garden loppers to clip our olive trees and use our expert knowledge and skill to perfectly shape the tree and ensure optimum conditions for bearing fruit and maintaining a healthy tree. You can also use secateurs for smaller branches or shoots.

To find out more about how to take care of your olive tree, read our FAQs.