Due to the safety of our customers and staff we have decided to keep the centre closed.
We are still operating online, with phone sales and deliveries.
Site visits to view our Olive Trees and Specimen plants,
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Save yourself the hassle of potting your olive and have us do the hard work for you by choosing one of our pre-potted olive trees. If you need any assistance with choosing your olive tree, feel free to get in touch. Email us at [email protected] or call us on 01832 275660.

Potted Cloud Olive Trees

These Standard cloud Olive Trees are often found in pairs either side of doorways to create a sense of drama, they stand at approximately 4ft - 5ft and are the common cloud style - presented in a stone pot. Our Olive Trees are of the highest quality and will flourish in any garden, providing they are in well drained soil and as much sunlight as possible.

Picual Olive in Clay Pot

These Picual olive trees in stone pots are ideal for adding some height to your garden or creating a focal point for your patio. This variety of olive tree is estimated to account for 25% of all Olive Oil production in the world and have been pruned in such a way to aid in the production of olives. Olive Trees are perfect container trees as they need plenty of drainage.