From the smallest terrace or balcony to the largest gardens, there are a wealth of spaces that can accommodate and benefit from a pot-grown olive tree. With a potted olive tree you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect soil conditions, giving you more options on where to home your tree. These already-potted olive trees will also save you the costs and hassle of finding your own. Shop our range of beautiful potted olive trees below.

The beautifully distinctive silvery-green leaves of the olive tree helps to create a tranquil environment, and with a wide selection of potted olive plants available you can transform both your garden and indoor spaces. Bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your home and garden spaces with an evergreen plant that you can enjoy all year round.

To find out more about the benefits of potted olive trees and how to look after them, visit our blog.

Olive trees in pots not for you? We also supply plenty of non-potted olive tree varieties.

Types Of Olive Trees We Pot

We sell many olive tree varieties in pots, including the Cloud, Picual, Top Worked, Gnarled Bonsai and many more. Whether you’re looking for a delicate, small tree to adorn your balcony or a larger, statement piece for your garden, we supply a wide range of sizes and styles to help you find the ideal olive tree for your space.

If you're interested in purchasing mature olive trees in pots, we have a selection of Ancient Olive Trees that are over 100 years old.


Can a potted olive tree be kept outside?

Yes, a potted olive tree can be kept outside. We recommend finding a sunny spot for them to thrive.

How often should you water a potted olive tree?

A potted olive tree should be watered regularly in order to ensure the best chance of producing fruit. You can reduce watering in the winter months.