Topiary is the art of shaping evergreen shrubs and trees into intricate or stylised forms. We have a range of gorgeous topiary trees for sale at Olive Grove Oundle, and each one has a unique appearance.

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Specimen Plants

Potted Eleagnus Compacta

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Specimen Plants

Arbutus unedo 300/400cm


Types of Topiary Trees We Sell

For generations, topiary trees have been a favorite choice. Trimming trees and bushes into neat, uniform shapes is a practise that has persisted and is possibly becoming more popular than it was in ancient Rome.

Photinia and Cupressus

Available from just £100 are a selection of beautiful photinia and cupressus plants, each complete with a pot and ready to place in your garden or outside your business premises. These attractive plants are a great introduction to the world of topiary, and the latter variety can even grow to heights of 20m in the fullness of time.

Bonsai Trees

At the opposite end of the price spectrum is our stunning line of bonsai trees. If you’re looking for a true statement piece, these immaculately-sculpted plants are hard to match – each bonsai is truly one-of-a-kind.

Red Robin Plants

Red robin plants are known for their distinctive bright red leaf tips, we also have attractive red robin plants for sale. This variety works well for both hedging and as an ornamental potted topiary plant.

Choosing a Topiary Tree

Struggling to decide which variety to go for? With so many options available here at Olive Grove Oundle, it can be tough to work out which is best for you. Here are a few different factors you should consider…

  • Conditions and location: Although all of the varieties we offer are suitable for outdoor planting here in the UK, some prefer shadier, more sheltered areas, while others favour sunnier spots. Before you choose a plant, you should consider where it’s going to be planted to make sure it’s going to be happy in its new home.
  • Growth rate: Some of our trees grow more voraciously than others, meaning they won’t need to be pruned quite as often. Plus, some species top out at a lower height than others, so they won’t need as much space to grow. It’s important to consider both the space you have available and the level of TLC you’re willing to give the plant.
  • Growing in containers: Smaller ones are better suited to being planted in containers than the large topiary tree. So, if you’re planning to keep your tree in a pot, we’d recommend choosing a smaller plant.

Hopefully, those tips helped make your buying decision a little easier, but if you’re still scratching your head, please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice. We’re always happy to help.

About Olive Grove Oundle

Established in 2009, Olive Grove Oundle is a leading plant centre specialising in Mediterranean species, namely olive trees. Located just 15 minutes from the city of Peterborough, our large premises are home to hundreds of spectacular plants, from small potted specimens through to giant gnarled olive trees.

We are proud to offer the UK’s largest range of specialty Mediterranean plants, all of which are available to view in one place. You’re welcome to pay us a visit or, if you prefer, order your trees through our website. We deliver nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you care for a topiary tree?

In order to maintain the look of your tree, you should make an effort to trim it annually using topiary shears or hedge cutters. However, if you have a faster-growing species, you may have to trim it as much as twice a season. In addition to this, all suckers and unwanted branches should be removed so that the tree continues to look its best.

Can you plant topiaries outdoors?

Absolutely - all of the plants you see listed above are suitable for outdoor planting anywhere in the UK.

Do topiaries need sun?

Yes. Ideally, most require at least four to five hours of sunlight per day, so make sure you keep this in mind when deciding on a location for your new tree.

What trees make good topiaries?

Popular varieties include red robin plants, Ilex aquifolium, pinus ‘watereri’ bonsai, stem thuja ‘nana aurea’ and many more.

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