Here at Olive Grove Oundle, we sell much more than just olive trees – our stunning potted topiary trees are firm favourites with our customers.

These beautiful plants really are unlike anything else. Having been immaculately trimmed and carefully trained to grow into specific, uniform shapes, they’re a great way to add that ‘wow factor’ to any garden.

The plants you see here have the added bonus of coming pre-potted and ready to go. Each one is as unique as the last, and would make a stunning addition to your home garden or business premises.

From smaller, more affordable plants – ideal for lining a pathway – to immaculate, show-stopping bonsai trees, we have a huge variety of topiary trees in stock and available for delivery nationwide. Order yours online today!

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Specimen Plants

Arbutus unedo 300/400cm

20% Off

Our Price: £1,600.00

Our Range of Potted Topiary Trees

More affordable varieties we stock include the photinia, cupressus and ligustrum delavayanum. All are beautiful specimen plants with a distinctive appearance that can thrive here in the UK. Their compact size makes them ideal for entrances, pathways and corporate settings.

Our range also includes a selection of cone trees, pinus trees, red robins, large topiary trees and many more. Our taxus trio balls are particularly unique, the trunk being surrounded by three precisely-shaped balls of foliage. They’re truly stunning, as are our gorgeous bonsais – captivating plants that you could stare at for hours.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch to your garden at home or a show-piece for the entrance to your company headquarters, our lineup will leave you feeling spoilt for choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you grow potted topiary?

Care requirements will vary depending on the type of topiary tree you choose, but we will be happy to advise and provide ongoing guidance on how to look after your potted tree.

Are topiaries perennial?

Yes, we sell are evergreen trees, and they can survive British winters just fine with the correct care. 

When should you trim them?

It’s best to trim your topiary tree in the summer, making only small adjustments to its shape during the remainder of the year.

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