Are Topiary Trees Evergreen?

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Topiary trees have been popular for centuries. Originally thought to have originated in ancient Rome, the practice of trimming trees and shrubs into precise, uniform shapes has endured – and now it’s perhaps more popular than ever.

From the classic globe-shaped potted topiary tree to animal-shaped shrubs (and everything in between), the world of topiary certainly has something for everyone. The question is, will your topiary stay in shape all year long? That’s what we’re going to answer in today’s article.

Year-round appeal

Traditionally, the answer to this question is yes: the vast majority of topiary trees are evergreen, allowing the desired shape to be maintained throughout the year. It’d be a shame for all that hard work to be in vain once winter rolls around, after all – keeping topiary trees in shape can be a labour of love.

Although most plants chosen for topiary are evergreen, this isn’t always the case. This pruning practice can be applied to practically any tree or shrub – they don’t have to be evergreen. But, if you want your hard work to be rewarded all year long, going with an evergreen variety is a no-brainer.

Our favourite species

Besides being the UK’s leading supplier of olive trees, we are big fans of topiary trees here at Olive Grove Oundle.

We have a variety of pre-shaped evergreen trees in stock. Popular options with our customers include the photinia and cupressus, both of which are well-suited to the British climate and will remain in shape throughout the year (with a little TLC, of course).

If you want a true statement piece for your garden though, you’ll struggle to match our breathtaking bonsai olive trees. Each one is totally unique and a stunning sight to behold, having been perfectly shaped ready for installation in your garden.

Order your topiary tree from Olive Grove Oundle

As one of the UK’s leading stockists, we have a wide variety of topiary trees for sale including red robins and large topiary at our premises in Oundle. Please feel free to pay us a visit or explore our range online today – we can deliver your chosen tree to anywhere in the UK if you’re not local. Want to learn more? Get in touch with our experienced team today – we’re always happy to help!

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