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4 Tips to Care for Your Olive Tree in Autumn/Winter

You have watched your olive tree flourish throughout the warmer weather (if the UK weather delivers on its promise of summer that is!) but with the arrival of autumn and winter, you are no doubt concerned as to how your olive tree will survive the colder season.

While an olive tree is an extremely hardy plant if it is subjected to conditions which are particularly harsh it can be left with a number of health problems, leading it to unfortunately die.

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How to Prepare Your Garden for Autumn

Well it appears that we have well and truly waved ‘goodbye’ to summer weather! The chill in the air and the emerging golden, red and brown hues that have replaced the bright colours of the warmer months all signify that Autumn is upon us.

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How to Solve Common Plant Diseases

When you’ve spent hours, months and often years curating your garden to be a sanctuary in which you can unwind at the end of a day, entertain throughout the summer and enjoy when the weather is on your side, it can be rather disheartening to see that your plants aren’t looking all too healthy.

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Essential Gardening Updates in August – What You Need to Know

Essential gardening updates, with the news that a well-cared for garden can boost house price by up to £82,000 in some cases, it’s worth ensuring that your garden is well-maintained all year round. After all, while you may not have immediate plans to sell your property, keeping it cared for will ensure that when the time does come to move you can increase the price of your property accordingly – and in the mean time you have a delightful space to enjoy regardless of your future plans.

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How to Maintain an Olive Tree

How to Maintain and Olive Tree

How to Maintain an Olive Tree, so you’ve selected your olive tree, planted it in the sunniest spot in the garden, where it’s sheltered from wind, and you’ve also ensured that it’s in well-drained soil.

Now, with your tree in situ, it’s time to ensure that you are able to maintain it so that it grows to its maximum ability, so that you are able to enjoy its beauty – and in some cases fruit – all year round.

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Top Tips for Pruning Trees and Shrubs

If you’ve visited the Olive Grove Oundle before or taken a look at our ornamental trees online, then you’ll know that we are home to a range of impressively pruned trees. Whether you’re after a horse, Eiffel Tower, teddy bear or t-rex – we’ve got trees in an array of designs. These works of art take a lot of skill to create but can be maintained with regular pruning.

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5 Ways to Transform Your Garden for Summer

Summer has officially arrived now that the summer solstice has passed, so it’s time to get those green fingers ready and ensure that your garden is ready for alfresco dinners, BBQs with family and friends and of course, for you to relax and enjoy.

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Olive Tree Pests & Diseases

Pests and Diseases

Keeping Olive Trees is straight forward most of the time, however, like most plants they can be affected by pests and diseases. While for the most part your olive tree will be fine growing in the UK, Olive Tree Pests and Diseases can damage even the strongest Olive Trees. Here are our tips for preventing and treating Olive Tree Pests and Diseases.

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Growing Olive Trees in Containers

Growing Olive Trees in Containers is a great way to keep olive trees! Even the smallest garden or balcony can accommodate a pot grown olive tree. The ability to place your plant in the best possible location regardless of soil conditions is perhaps the greatest advantage of container growing. There is the upside of being able to take it with you when you move! So here are our top tips for growing Olive Trees in Containers.

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How to Pick Your Olive Tree

Here at Olive Grove, we have the largest selection of Olive Trees for Sale in the UK. Ranging from new shrub like olives, to 10m tall giant ancient olive trees. If you are looking to add an olive tree to your garden, the chances are you have been doing a lot of research online. Buying olive trees online can be a bit of a daunting concept, especially if you are considering a gnarled olive tree.

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Olive Tree Ideas | Olive Tree Inspiration

Do you love the idea of owning your own olive tree but you’re not sure where to put it? We have put together some great images together on our pinterest page to give you some ideas. If you want to add your tree to this, email a picture to us at info@olivegroveoundle.co.uk.

Also known as the ‘tree of eternity’, the olive tree has a truly ancient history. With thousands of years of evolution, the olive tree has adapted to cope with extreme conditions – drought, fire, poor soils and even very low temperatures for short periods, enabling the olive tree to live for many years. The ideal choice of plant if you want to achieve a high visual impact in your garden, an olive tree can bring your garden a sense of character with a Mediterranean touch. Add some lights around the trunk and you can visually enjoy your tree for the full 24-hours.
Do you love the idea of owning your own olive tree but you’re not sure where to put it? We have put together some great images together on our pinterest page to give you some ideas. If you want to add your tree to this, email a picture to us at info@olivegroveoundle.co.uk.

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History of the Olive Tree | Olive Tree Origin

If you own an olive tree or are thinking about buying an olive tree, you may want to know a bit more about the history of the olive tree. You may also be interested to know a bit about the more mythical roots of the olive tree. Here we have put together a brief history of the olive tree.

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Growing Olives | Encouraging Flowering & Fruiting

We are often asked how to grow olives in the UK. The UK climate is surprisingly well suited to Growing Olives. Despite being a Mediterranean plant, an olive tree needs at least two months cold weather to produce flower and fruit. Temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, along with a fluctuation in night and daytime temperatures initiates the fruiting process.

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Pruning Olive Trees

Pruning Olive Trees is easier than you might think. An olive tree can live quite happily with little pruning. A trim when needed, especially for the Lollipop or Pom Pom olive trees will keep them in good shape. To maintain tip-top health or if growing an olive tree for fruit however, pruning will be required.

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Growing Olive Trees: Frequently Asked Questions

Growing Olive Trees has become common place in the British garden but they can quite expensive. Naturally, you don’t want to be buying new Olive Trees every couple of years so you’ll probably have a few questions. To help you with your research, here is some of the most common questions we get asked.

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New Developments at Olive Grove Oundle

New Developments at Olive Grove Oundle

New developments, as many of you have probably seen we are currently undergoing some exciting building work to improve the indoor retail areas of the Olive Grove Oundle.

To ensure we can provide our customers with the best experience we are…

  • Having a brand new entrance into our garden centre,

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End of an era olive grove

End of an era

Dear Customer,

This letter is to inform you that of 1st July 2016 we will no longer be the owners of The Olive Grove

Over the last 7 years, most of you will have heard both of us say that it was our intention to build a Home and Garden business that was not a typical garden centre, but a destination with a difference.

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