What Is a Gnarled Olive Tree?

Olive Tree Branch

All olive trees are unique. No matter the variety, you’ll never find two identical trees out there. That’s partly what makes olives so appealing! But of all the varieties of olive trees, one stands out as being perhaps even more unique and characterful than the rest: the gnarled olive tree.

What are they?

A gnarled olive tree is so-called because of its distinctive gnarled trunk, a feature not present on most olive trees. Gnarled olives are usually among the oldest trees around, too, as it’s their maturity that enables their trunks to take on such a distinctive shape.

They’re often grown as bonsai olive trees – essentially making them a miniature version of an ancient olive tree. Gnarled olives grown in this way are extremely versatile. Due to their smaller size, they can be pot-planted and displayed pretty much anywhere, from your garden to an entrance pathway, corporate courtyard or even indoors.

Wherever you display a gnarled olive, you can expect it to get lots of attention. They’re a statement piece for any indoor or outdoor space, and a fantastic conversation starter – there’s nothing else like them!

Caring for a gnarled olive tree

In terms of care and maintenance, gnarled olive trees are much the same as regular varieties. It’s up to you whether or not to prune your tree – you can leave it to grow naturally and it’ll still be quite happy. Or, you can prune it to keep it the size it currently is.

Like other olive trees, gnarled specimens are hardy, being able to withstand temperatures as low as -15°C. This makes them ideal for the British climate, although if you experience sustained high wind speeds over winter, we would recommend investing in a horticultural fleece – just to be safe.

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