XL Standard Photinia No. 136

Our Price: £2,500.00

XL Standard Cone Photinia 136 (1)
XL Standard Photinia No. 136

Our Price: £2,500.00

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XL Standard Photinia

Photinia ‘Red Robin’ boasts wonderful vibrant red foliage in the spring on new growth, with older foliage showcasing a darker, glossy green that is equally attractive. Make the best of this colourful evergreen hedging by planting Photinia ‘Red Robin’ in a sunny spot, though suited to partial shade, the brightest red colour will emerge in a sunnier position. The small, creamy white flowers that appear on Photinia in spring are popular with wildlife, as are the berries that come later in the season.

Tree Dimensions:
  • Total Height: 500cm Approx.
  • Crown Width: 200cm – 250cm Approx.

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