Palm Trees

Our range of palm trees features a variety of beautiful plants that make perfect striking statement pieces for gardens. The hardiness of our palm trees makes them ideal for outdoor cultivation in the UK, and their low maintenance nature means that they require little to no pruning, depending on the type of tree.

Having gained iconic status as a result of how synonymous they are with ideas of tropical paradise, palm trees have become an increasingly popular way to add some life and character to your garden. Whether it’s intended purpose is as a feature or to build on a theme, a palm tree from us will make for an excellent choice.

With proper care, our palm trees will look their best for a very long time, and although many palm trees suffer from frost intolerance, the plants in our selection are capable of surviving temperatures of about -10C, ensuring that they will maintain their beauty despite harsh conditions.

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  • Tall Chamaerops Hamilis No. 103

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  • Trachycorpus Wagnerianus No. 147

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  • Jelly Palm

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  • Sago Palm

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  • Mexican Grass Tree

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  • Yucca Jewel No.94

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  • Mexican Blue Palm No. 93

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  • Nolina Nelsoni No. 95

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  • Tall Chamaerops Hamilis No. 99

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