Unclipped Standard Olive Tree

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5ft Unclipped Standard Olive Tree in a bowl pot

This gorgeous mature Olive tree has a strong trunk and a great crown, presented in a bowl planter.

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These Mediterranean Unclipped Standard Olive Trees grow to 5ft tall and are presented to you in a bowl pot. Our Olive trees are grown to a mature form and have a very strong trunk and a great crown. This is a medium sized olive tree which grows at a slow pace. However, they have a long life and have a robust hardiness to temperatures of below -15. Being placed with full exposure to sunlight is best for this beautiful tree, providing that it is planted in fertile and well-drained soil. The Olive Tree family come in many shapes and sizes and can dramatically change over a period of time. If you are looking to add a uniform style olive trees to your garden, then this is perfect for you. If you require additional photos of this beautiful evergreen or wish to pick your exact tree, please give us a call. Due to being such a small sized tree you can move them around, although you shouldn’t be fooled as they are still heavy. Not only are these trees extremely attractive, but they are easy to care for and can produce fruit if the conditions are just right. These smaller olive trees should be kept in as much sunlight as possible. If you are looking to grow your own olives, olive trees require a watering when conditions are dry, even in winter. However, if you’re not worried about flowers or fruit, olive trees are fairly hardy.

Plant Information

Full Sun
Well drained
Hardy to -15


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