Potted Mini Gnarled Olive No. 5
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Mini Gnarled Olive Tree in medium hanoi pot

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Potted Mini Gnarled Olive Tree

If you’re looking for a smaller olive tree, this Mini Gnarled Olive Tree offers provides all the beauty of traditional olive tree but in miniature form.

At approximately 6ft, this is still no small tree! The bark has become quite gnarled, which is an indicator that the Mini Gnarled Olive Tree is quite old. These distinctive Mini Olive Trees are ideal for smaller gardens,  patios or even a strong balcony.

The foliage of this beautiful Mini Gnarled Olive Tree is evergreen with a bushy appearance. The best position for this tree is full exposure to sunlight; ensuring a long lasting, low maintenance olive tree. Hardiness will range up to -15.

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Plant Information

Full Sun
Well drained
Hardy to -15