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60/80 230lt Bonsai Olive Tree No. 120 – Reserved-

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These Large Mature Olive Trees are perfect for large gardens and patios, and are a perfect centre piece for any garden.

Between 50 – 75 years old

If you require more information or additional pictures before purchase please do not hesitate to contact us at Tel: 01832 275660 or email: info@olivegroveoundle.co.uk

This tree is extremely heavy so please ensure you have the means to move it in to its final postition on delivery.

Pot Dimensions: Width x Height
  • External: 85cm x 55cm
  • Internal: 79cm x 50cm
Tree Dimensions:
  • Total Height: 225cm Approx.
  • Crown Width: 110cm – 130cm Approx.
  • Height Once Planted: 175cm Approx.
Please read Delivery Terms before making a purchase, Thank you.

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60/80 230lt Bonsai Olive Tree No. 120 – Reserved-

Sale Price £395.00

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