Served until 11.30am

  • Egg sandwich
    - Choice of white or brown bloomer bread, with two fried eggs cooked to your taste.
  • Bacon Sandwich
    - Choice of white or brown bloomer bread, with three rashers of thick sliced smoked bacon.
  • Sausage Sandwich
    - Choice of white or brown bloomer bread, with butchers Lincolnshire sausages.
  • Chorizo Eggs
    - Pan fried chorizo rosario with two fried eggs on toast.
  • Eggs Benedict
    - Two Poached eggs, Parma ham on toast with homemade hollandaise sauce

Light Options

  • Toasted Beef Melt
    - A grilled sandwich filled with beef, mozzarella, pickle, mustard, sour cream, peppers & tomato.
  • Deli Sandwich
    A generously filled sandwich, served with a salad garnish. Please ask for today’s filling.
  • Gluten Free Deli Sandwich
  • Bikini
    - A toasted cheese & ham sandwich with Dijon mustard & mayonnaise

Main Meals

  • Grilled Halloumi
    - With a roasted aubergine & pepper salad, green chilli & lime sauce, oregano potato wedges, yogurt, feta & rosemary dip.
  • Pasta Dish of the Day
    - Please ask your server for today’s choice.
  • Rice Dish of the Day
    - Please ask your server for today’s choice.
  • Open Burger
    - Homemade burger served on an open ciabatta with red onion relish and jenga chips.
  • Pork Souvlaki
    - Two skewers of marinated pork, served with chips, pitta bread, salad & tzatziki.
  • Lamb Kofta
    - With roasted beetroot puree, salad, hummus, tzatziki & toasted pitta bread.
  • Chicken & Chorizo Skewers
    - Two marinated chicken & chorizo skewers served with chunky potato wedges, sweetcorn, salsa & salad.


  • Jenga Chips
  • Skin on Fries
  • Potato Wedges
  • Oregano Wedges
    - With Feta and Yoghurt Dip

Special Pizzas

  • Sevilla
    - Spiced tomato, fresh mozzarella, manchego cheese, piquillo peppers, chorizo, green olives & paprika.
  • Majorca
    - Spiced tomato, roasted aubergine, pepper & red onion with goat’s cheese, olives & oregano
  • Parma
    - Tomato, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto Parma ham, roasted mushrooms and truffle oil.
  • Margherita Pizza
    - Classic Tomato & Mozzarella

Build Your Own Pizza

  • The Original Olive Grove Pizza
    Our margherita pizza with three toppings of your choice
    *Please note: Maximum of five toppings in total on one pizza
  • Gluten Free Base
  • Extra Toppings
    - Olives, Mushrooms, Red Onion, Red Peppers, Anchovies, Chorizo, Goats Cheese, Pepperoni, Extra Cheese, Sun Dried Tomato
  • After Bake Toppings
    - Spinach, Rocket

Tapas - Meze

  • Nachos
    - Tortilla chips covered in melted cheese, spicy salsa, jalapenos, guacamole & sour cream.
  • Dips & Pitta to Share
    - Tzatziki, hummus, roasted red pepper puree, spiced beetroot dip with toasted pitta breads & bread sticks.
  • Meze to Share
    - Hummus, tzatziki, olives, grilled halloumi, feta dip, roasted red peppers, falafel & toasted pitta breads.


  • Classic Chicken Caesar
    - Cos lettuce, croutons, chicken breast & bacon, served with a caesar dressing topped with parmesan.
  • Stilton, Pear & Walnut
    - Mixed salad topped with stilton, pear & walnut.
  • Roasted Pepper & Mozzarella
    - Mixed salad topped with roasted red pepper & mozzarella cheese
  • Roasted Beetroot
    - With spiced beetroot puree, feta yoghurt dressing & toasted pine nuts


  • Coppa Amaretto
    - Two scoops of gelato, topped with amaretto liqueur, whipped cream, crushed amaretti biscuit & crushed meringue.
  • Affogato
    - Gelato served with a shot of espresso to pour over
  • Single Scoop
  • Double Scoop
  • Gelato (GF)
  • Single Scoop
  • Double Scoop
  • Gelato Sharing Platter
    - Three scoops of gelato served on wafers with sprinkles, sauce & a side of mixed fruit & whipped cream
  • Knickerbocker Glory (GF Option)
    - Two scoops of gelato with whipped cream, berries, meringue & sauce
  • Belgian Waffle
    - Dusted with icing sugar, served with whipped cream & either maple or blueberry syrup
  • Single
  • Double
  • Slice of Cake (GF Option)
    - Please ask for today’s selection
  • Coffee & Cake
    - Tea or regular sized coffee, served with a slice of cake.
Every effort is made during kitchen preparation to ensure that dishes made with gluten-free or vegetarian ingredients, are not contaminated by those or other allergens. Our kitchen is a multi-purpose environment, therefore we cannot fully guarantee that our food is free from nuts, wheat, gluten, shellfish or other allergens. If you do have any allergies, we strongly advise you to talk to one of our team prior to ordering, as not all items are mentioned in our menu descriptions.

All items in our menu are subject to availability, and our chefs will use their discretion to substitute ingredients if not available.

Prices include VAT at the current rate.