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  • Olive Grove Oundle
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    Olive Grove Oundle

    Our 6-acre site with its Italian style plaza/show area is unique in its concept, reflecting the style, experience and feel of a typical Mediterranean plant nursery.
  • Olive Grove Deli

    Olive Grove Deli

    Our Deli is full of speciality artisan products sourced from UK and international suppliers.
  • Olive Grove Bistro & Coffee Shop

    Olive Grove Bistro & Coffee Shop

    Our bistro offers a menu straight from the med, with pizzas cooked fresh from our flame grilled pizza oven and so much more.
  • Home Interiors

    Home Interiors

    With an eclectic mix of contemporary furniture and artefacts from around the globe, our Home Interiors department truly is a league of it’s own offering something truly spectacular and different
Ancient Olive Tree
Olea Europaea

Ancient Olive Tree £25000

Possible the oldest & largest Olive Tree in the UK!

This ancient Olive trees is the ultimate impact plant for the Mediterranean style garden or the centre piece of any court yard.

Ancient Gnarled Olive
Olea Europaea

Ancient Gnarled Olive £499

All of our ancient olive trees are beautifully gnarled, sculptural, evergreens, and although they are native to the Mediterranean, Africa and Asia, they are quite hardy and well able to tolerate most conditions in the UK.

6ft Bonsai Olive Trees
Olea Europaea

6ft Bonsai Olive Trees £250

An evergreen rounded tree with grey-green leathery leaves and tiny fragrant, creamy white flowers followed by edible green fruits ripening to black.

Olive Grove Oundle

Just 15 minutes from Peterborough

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