Which Yucca Plants Should I Grow In the UK?

We may love our olive trees here at Olive Grove Oundle, but they’re not all we sell. We also stock an array of specimen plants from all over the world – and one of our favourites is the exquisite yucca.

This unique Mediterranean plant is the perfect complement to an olive tree, but looks equally at home standing on its own in a pot. Popular with business and homeowners alike, the eye-catching yucca certainly makes a statement, and can often be found by entrance doors or inside reception areas creating a memorable first impression for visitors.

Keen on growing a yucca of your own? As with olive trees, there are a number of varieties to choose from – 49 to be precise! So, which are happiest here in the UK? Here are two of our favourites.

Yucca Elephantipes

Also known as yucca gigantea or the ‘spineless yucca,’ this variety produces a unique edible flower. Its thick trunk can eventually reach heights of 40 feet, though the examples we sell tend to be shoulder height at most.

This variety is ideal for indoor growth as, unlike others, its leaves aren’t sharp and spiky. With no spines to worry about, the Elephantipes is perhaps the most popular yucca of all – and it’s even hardy down to 1°C, making it perfect for orangeries, conservatories and heated greenhouses.

Yucca Rostrata

If the Elephantipes is the easiest yucca to live with, then the Rostrata is arguably the most attractive to look at. Also known as the beaked yucca, this variety has thinner, bluer-coloured leaves which grow in a pleasingly symmetrical fashion, creating a rosette shape. It’s slow growing too, making it ideal for ornamental use.

Order yucca plants online

If you’re looking for a standout specimen plant for your home or business, explore our collection of yuccas online and order yours today – we deliver across the UK!

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