What Is So Special About An Olive Tree?

What is so special about olive trees

Scientists believe that there are over 390,000 unique plant species on Earth – quite an impressive number, right? Why then have we built a business focusing predominantly on olive trees? What makes them so special? Here are five incredible facts that should answer your question.

They can live for thousands of years

Carbon-dating some of the world’s oldest known olive trees has put their age at approximately 2,000 years. That’s simply amazing – and a testament to the strength and hardiness of these plants.

1. They’re tough

Equipped to handle drought, sub-zero temperatures, frost and even fire, olive trees are extraordinarily resilient. Their roots are so strong that they can re-grow even when it seems like they’ve been totally decimated. Even if the tree itself has been destroyed, if the roots are intact the olive can cling to life and rise above the soil once again.

2. They’re beautiful

Olive trees are popular among business owners and individuals looking for an attractive centrepiece for their garden or premises. And that’s not because they live for thousands of years, it’s because they’re stunning to look at. With so many varieties to choose from, all with their own distinctive look, olive trees are the perfect complement to any outdoor space – and they can even live indoors.

3. They produce liquid gold

Olive trees can bear generous amounts of fruit when grown in the right conditions. This fruit can be eaten as it comes, or it can be transformed into olive oil – a healthy, versatile and great-tasting cooking ingredient we all take for granted.

4. They’re considered to be sacred

Olive trees are woven into Greek mythology. It’s said that when Athena and Poseidon were competing for control over the nation’s capital city, Athens, Athena produced an olive tree while Poseidon created a spring. Zeus, presiding over the contest, was wowed by the olive tree and chose Athena, cementing the tree’s sacred status.

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