We have a huge selection of Olive Trees for sale here at Olive Grove Oundle. These beautiful old trees are perfect for creating a focal point in your garden or creating a Mediterranean style garden. Our younger trees have a shrub like appearance. With some careful pruning and a few years of growth, they can grow into the more traditional Lollipop style olive trees. You can also encourage a young olive to take on the Pom Pom or Cloud style.

Olive Trees for sale

Take a look at our range of palm trees for sale. Our palms a very hardy (to about -10C) and will grow in the UK easily. They are also very low maintenance with no pruning required. We have a good selection of Chamaerops Humilis with more coming soon.

Palms for sale

Topiary is the art of training plants (typically evergreen shrubs and trees) into intricate or stylized shapes and forms.To maintain their shape you should, trim annually with topiary shears or hedge-cutters in early or late summer to keep specimen in shape. Faster growing species may need to be trimmed twice or more each season. Suckers and unwanted branches can also be removed.

Topiary for sale

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