x2 Potted Thick Trunk Olive Trees 388 & 306


Potted thick trunk 388 & 306 (2)
x2 Potted Thick Trunk Olive Trees 388 & 306


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If you’re craving a Mediterranean style garden, these Beautiful Thick Trunk Olive trees are the Perfect addition. These Olive Trees are over 6ft from the base of the pot, they are extremely attractive and also very low maintenance.

These lovely olive trees have been planted in Handmade Clay pots and are ready to be postioned in your garden.

Tree Dimensions:

  • Total Height: 190cm Approx.
  • Crown Width: 50cm – 80cm Approx.

Pot Dimensions:

  • External: 63cm x 50cm
  • Internal: 54cm x 45cm


Delivery & Positioning:

We can deliver & position this tree in your garden. Please contact us today for a quotation on 01832 275660.

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