Potted XL Trunk Seville Olive Tree No. 176

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Potted XL Seville Olive Tree 176 (1)
Potted XL Trunk Seville Olive Tree No. 176


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The XL Trunk Seville Olive Tree is a compact olive tree featuring a thick trunk. With its distinctive characteristics, this tree offers a blend of elegance and resilience, making it a charming addition to gardens or patios. Potted in Terracotta egg pot, it will add elegance to any outside space.

If you require more information or additional pictures before purchase please do not hesitate to contact us at Tel: 01832 275660 or email: info@olivegroveoundle.co.uk

Tree Dimensions:
  • Total Height: 200cm Approx.
  • Crown Width: 80cm – 140cm Approx.
  • Height Once Planted: 140cm Approx.
Delivery Terms:
  • Delivery will be carried out via a 3rd party pallet company
  • Goods will arrive between 9am – 6pm on the day selected for delivery at checkout
  • Delivery is strickly kerbside only
  • Upon delivery, you, the customer, would be responsible for all the packaging, including the pallet.
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