Potted Lollipop Olive “Tapered 3 Ring” No. 475

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Here at Olive Grove, we call these a lollipop Olive Tree. These Standard Olive Trees are the classic style Olives trees often found in pairs outside front doors. These Standard Olive Trees stand at approximately 5ft – 6ft and are the common lollipop style.

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Here at Olive Grove, we call these a tall lollipop Olive Tree. These standard Olive Trees are of the classic style and often found in pairs outside front doors and are potted in a tapered 3 ring pot, ready for your front door or patio.   Standing at approximately 5ft – 6ft, these are an extremely common lollipop style that you may recognise.   Thinking of giving someone and Olive Tree as a gift? An Olive tree this size makes a perfect gift and can potentially live for many hundreds of years.   Our Olive Trees are of the highest quality and will flourish in the garden, providing they are in well drained soil and as much sunlight as possible. These standard olive trees are also frost hardy up to about -10C. However, we do recommend that young trees like this one are wrapped or brought indoors over winter. This should protect them from wind chill, which can be harmful to Olive Trees. If you need any advice about Olive Tree care, you can find some useful tips here. Plant Information
Full Sun
Well drained
Hardy to -15