Potted Gnarled Bonsai Olive No. 45
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This gorgeous large grey green gnarled Olive tree is presented in a medium azalea bowl to give that Bonsai look.

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Potted Gnarled Bonsai Olive

Make a bold statement in your garden with this attractive, gnarled Olive tree in a Medium azalea bowl. These Olive Trees have large natural shaped foliage with a strong thick trunk. Ideal for any patio or outdoor space. At this stage, our Olive Trees have a pretty standard style to them and are all between 5ft & 6ft and presented in a medium azalea bowl, to give it that bonsai look.

Olea Europaea have a multi branched habit are slow growing and very rugged. They can eventually grow anywhere between 4.5m to 9m tall, they have narrow oval leaves which are leathery, grey-green on top and silvery underneath. Very small white flowers are borne in the summer months, and it is possible for them to produce fruit in the UK climate if they have not surpassed their production age.

Plant Information

Full Sun
Well drained
Hardy to -15


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