Oversized Gnarled Olive Tree in Tub Container No.56

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8ft Gnarled Olive Tree in a 160l tub

This gorgeous large grey green gnarled Olive tree is presented in 160l tub, ready to be re-potted or planted.

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8ft Gnarled Olive Tree in 160l tub

Looking to make a big statement in your garden? An Oversized Gnarled Olive Tree will definitely make a BIG impression. At over 6ft, this is one olive tree nobody can miss. When Olive Trees reach this size, the bark becomes cracked or gnarled adding to the character of the Olive Tree. This creates some really unique detail making each tree easily identifiable. When we get a new oversized Olive Tree, we will add it to the drop down list below and also add some pictures to try and capture as much of the detail as possible. If you would like any additional information, please let us know.

Planting & Positioning

Olive Trees this size are incredibly heavy, so we advise you take care when choosing the placement of your gnarled olive tree. It will need as much sunlight as possible but a little shade is ok. Also, all Olive Trees (especially older olive trees) should be protected from wind. This is because although they are hardy down to approximately -10C, wind chill can be devastating as it can penetrate the bark. It then may be an idea to construct a planter around your tree rather than try and put in a new container or plant it – although if you can plant, ensure the soil is well drained.

As this will require a dedicated delivery service, we will aim to place your oversized olive as close to the final position as possible however, if you have special delivery requirements, please let us know and we will make arrangements for you.

Olea Europaea have a multi branched habit are slow growing and very rugged. They can eventually grow anywhere between 4.5m to 9m tall, they have narrow oval leaves which are leathery, grey-green on top and silvery underneath. Very small white flowers are borne in the summer months, and it is possible for them to produce fruit in the UK climate.

Plant Information

Full Sun
Well drained
Hardy to -15

Additional information

Tree Number

Tree Number 056


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