Flat Top ‘Lechin’ Olive Tree No.157

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Flat Top 'Lechin' Olive Tree

This Flat Top 'Lechin' Olive Tree is the perfect centre piece for any garden. This tree is simply stunning and us undeniably huge! This tree stands at approximately 7 – 8ft as it has been pruned to have a flat top and is approximately 6ft wide.

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Flat Top ‘Lechin’ Olive Tree

This Flat Top ‘Lechin’ Olive Tree is the perfect centre piece for any garden wishing to encompass a Mediterranean feel. This tree is simply stunning and is undeniably huge! You’ll need plenty of space, a big hole and perhaps a plan for entering it into your garden. We will need to work out delivery costs for this tree depending on your location, but we will of course keep the costs to a minimum for you.   Lechin Olive Trees have fallen out of favour as cultivators across Spain, as the oil content is quite low and the olives must be handpicked. They do however produce delicious black olives that are ideal for curing. These lovely olive trees are still capable of growing olives in the UK providing the conditions are right. We have put together a guide to help you grow your own olives, but we cannot guarantee any fruit production.   Lechin olive trees are characterised by their large roots, an open appearance and a thick, dense crown. These trees are very tolerant of chilly weather, droughts and limy or bad quality soils. However, these trees are very productive regarding their flowering periods.  Our delivery service is extremely efficient, and we ensure you receive your tree in the timely manner expected. We will ensure that your tree is safety secured before it leaves our shop.  

Plant Information

Full Sun
Well drained
Hardy to -15

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Tree Number 157