Cloud Olive Tree No. 441
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Cloud Olive Tree in 285lt Pot

These large cloud olive Trees will take pride of place in any garden. Perfect for a custom build planter & seating area.

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Cloud Olive Tree in 285lt Pot

Add a Mediterranean touch to your garden with this exquisite Cloud Olive Tree.

To keep the cloud shape, you will need to prune fairly frequently. Alternatively, they can be left to grow into a natural olive form. These Cloud Olive Trees will need re-planting at some point but can be moved relatively easily in the tub we provide.

Olive Trees are ideal container trees as they need plenty of drainage but can be planted in the ground if preferred. If you need any advice on caring for your olive tree look at our news and advice page.

These multistem trees have wonderful Sauer Princes heads, a unique style that has been common in many cultural countries across the globe.Pruned and planted in a bonsai bowl they can make a stunning addition to your outdoor space.

These beautiful Olive Trees are approximately 6ft tall. These two trees are a little different so be sure to have a look at each one carefully before making your choice. Please be mindful that these are very heavy trees and will require at least two people to move them.

Plant Information

Full Sun
Well drained
Hardy to -15