160Lt Picual Olive Tree No. 625
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160Lt Picual Olive Tree

This 160lt Picual Olive Tree will look fantastic on any patio or garden and will be perfect for screening, they are also capable of producing fruit in the right conditions.

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160lt Picual Olive Tree

This large picual olive tree is ideal for adding some height to your garden or creating a focal point for your patio. It has be pruned this way to aid the production of olives. Olive Trees are perfect container trees as they need plenty of drainage but can be planted in the ground if you prefer. If you need any advice on caring for your olive tree. Take a look at our news & advice page. Each of these trees are a little different so be sure to have a look at each one carefully before making you choice. Please note that the images show the Olive Trees with very wet bark. In dry conditions, the bark has silvery, light brown colour. Please bear in mind that these are very heavy and will require at least two people to move them.

Picual Olive Trees account for approximately 50% of olive production in Spain. Which works out to be approximately 20% of the worlds production of olives. The name Picual comes from the pointed tip of the Olive (pico). They are highly sought after due to the volume of olive oil in each olive which can be as high as 27%. These lovely olive trees are still capable of growing olives providing the conditions are right. We have put together a guide to help you grow your own olives but we cannot grantee any fruit production.

Plant Information

Full Sun
Well drained
Hardy to -15