A specimen plant is used to make a statement. If you’re looking for a plant that will form the centrepiece of your garden and really grab people’s attention, these captivating plants are ideal. Most traditional specimen plants are large trees or shrubs, but if you want to make an impact on a budget, Olive Grove Oundle stocks an array of small specimen plants too!

With a large collection of specimen plants, browse our collection below or visit our Oundle garden centre. Need help finding the perfect tree? Our expert team is more than happy to help.

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About Olive Grove Oundle

Olive Grove Oundle is the UK’s leading supplier of olive trees and specialty Mediterranean plants, including specimen and topiary trees. Established in 2009, we’ve since grown from strength to strength, delivering trees to private and commercial customers across the UK on a regular basis.

Our garden and plant centre, located just 15 minutes from Peterborough, remains extremely popular too. You’ll find hundreds of beautiful plants all in one place, allowing you to browse to your heart’s content – and our friendly team will never be too far away should you need any advice. Explore our range online today, or pay us a visit in person!

A Wide Range Available

Our stunning collection of small and large specimen plants starts at below £100. Smaller varieties include the Photinia and Cupressus, both of which have a distinctive appearance and can grow much larger when fully matured. The former gets its name from the Greek word ‘photeinos,’ meaning shiny. As you’d expect given the name, a Photinia bears beautiful glossy leaves which, in the case of the ‘Red Robin’ variant, turn a vibrant shade of red once spring rolls around.

From spectacular Bonsai olive trees to immaculate Taxus and elegant Bambusa Nigra varieties, here at Olive Grove Oundle you’re sure to find the perfect statement piece for your garden. Explore the full range and place your order online today!

Our Specimen Plants


The Cupressus, meanwhile, is an evergreen species known for its tendency to grow upwards far more than outwards, creating a narrow, column-like appearance. Also called cypress trees, these attractive varieties are easy to care for in the UK, preferring moist soil with adequate drainage.

Topiary Trees

With their immaculate shaping, topiary trees add a touch of luxury to your outdoor spaces. We have a wide variety of topiary trees for sale, including Photinia and Cupressus varieties, as well as stunning, shaped Bonsai trees. Although topiaries require occasional pruning to maintain their distinctive shape, they’re not as much of a challenge to care for as you might think.

Mediterranean Garden Plants

We stock a wide range of distinctive Mediterranean garden plants too, including varieties like the Yucca Rostrata (or ‘beaked yucca’). With their attractive silvery-blue leaf-blades arranged in a symmetrical rosette, they easily bring the look of the Mediterranean to any garden, terrace or patio. Many of them come in terracotta pots too, creating a true Mediterranean feel.

Privacy Screen Plants

For a more functional purpose, privacy screen plants are ideal for shutting out the outside world with a natural and attractive barrier or boundary of foliage. If you need a little extra privacy but don’t want to spoil the look of your garden with artificial fencing, look no further. We offer a wide range of evergreen screening plants, from Cupressus leylandii to larger varieties like Euonymus alatus and Camellia Japonica. No matter your budget and space requirements, we have something in stock to suit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose a specimen plant?

First you need to know what are a specimen plants. Then, you have to consider the followings: how much space you have in your garden, how much maintenance you’re prepared to handle and whether your specimen will be compatible with other nearby plants. We can offer help and advice if you’re unsure - just get in touch.

Can specimen trees be kept indoors?

Our specimen trees generally require four to five hours of sunlight each day, so are best kept outdoors or in a room that garners a lot of natural light.

Do you deliver your specimen trees?

Yes, we deliver nationwide. Order online today - many of our plant prices include delivery.

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