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About Olive Trees

Olive Trees are a species of evergreen tree in the family Oleaceae and are great for creating a Mediterranean style garden. The olive tree is native to Mediterranean Europe, Asia and Africa. These trees come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. The age range for a lot of these trees is also massive. We have a large range of olive trees in the following categories:

  • Standard Olive Trees
  • Huge Olive Trees
  • Ancient Olive Trees
  • Small Olive Trees
  • Medium Gnarled Olive Trees
  • Large Gnarled Olive Trees
  • Formal & Clipped Olive Trees
  • Potted Olive Trees
  • Screening Olive Trees

However, you can browse our entire range on this page.

Olive Trees For Sale

We have a huge selection of Olive Trees for sale here at Olive Grove Oundle. These beautiful old trees are perfect as focal points or for creating a Mediterranean-style garden. Our younger trees have a shrub-like appearance. With some careful pruning and a few years of growth, they can grow into the more traditional Lollipop style olive trees. You can also encourage a young olive tree to take on the Pom Pom or Cloud style, or adopt a more ‘hands-off’ approach if you prefer traditional, standard olive trees. Buy an olive tree from Olive Grove Oundle today!

Standard Olive Trees

Whether you’re shopping for your home garden or a corporate space, our standard olive trees are beautiful and affordably priced. We even offer packages of up to eight potted trees, representing outstanding value; if you’re looking to line a pathway for example, our standard olive trees are the ideal solution. Explore them all here.

Gnarled Olive Trees

We also have a huge selection of Ancient Gnarled Olive Trees in stock, which can be hundreds of years old! Distinct from our standard olive trees, each gnarled olive has its own unique style and characteristics. As many of our trees are unique, you may be asked to select the exact tree you want to purchase. You can do this using the drop down labelled 'Tree Number'. If you want a closer look, you may want to visit us. Otherwise, please email us at info@olivegroveoundle.co.uk for more information. If you're looking to narrow your selection down, you can click here for our Medium Gnarled Olive Trees and here for our Large Gnarled Olive Trees.

Ancient Olive Trees

At Olive Grove Oundle we have one of the largest selections of Ancient Olive Trees in the UK. We have Ancient Olive Trees that are between 200 to 1,000 years old that are still holding up! If you're looking to get an Ancient Olive Tree you can narrow down the selection by clicking here.

Small Olive Trees

Buy an olive tree from our large range of Small Olive Trees available for you at Olive Grove Oundle. These small standard olive trees are great if you are looking for something more compact for your garden. If you are looking to get a Small Olive Tree you can narrow down the selection by clicking here.

Screening Olive Trees

Screening Olive Trees are an excellent choice for those that want to add some privacy to their garden. A lot of our trees are tall enough to reach above your garden fence and allow for greater privacy. There are different benefits to each of our Olive Trees but everyone has different tastes, so it mostly depends on what you want! Our trees are stylish, practical and won’t compromise on your aesthetics. We have a large selection of Screening Olive Trees which you can check out by clicking here.

Potted Olive Trees

We have a large range of olive trees in pots, all saving you the hassle of potting them yourself! You will find a lot of our potted olive trees come in pairs, yet there are many on their own that are available. Many of our trees are great value for money and will look great by your front door, or on your patio in the back garden. Some may even add height to your garden if that’s what you’re looking for. Whatever you have, these trees will look amazing. If you need help finding the right olive tree for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Either email us at info@olivegroveoundle.co.uk or call us on 01832 275660 and we will be happy to help you.

Huge Olive Trees

For the biggest of the biggest in our Olive Tree range, look no further than our huge Olive Trees collection. We have many in stock, ranging from a tree at 18ft tall to our largest olive tree at 27ft tall! These trees have very distinctive shapes compared to standard olive trees, and would be perfect as a centrepiece for any large garden. Our huge olive trees will need a dedicated delivery service due to their size, and we will aim to place the tree as close to the final position as possible. You can check out our range of huge olive trees by clicking here.

Clipped & Formal Olive Trees

This collection of olive trees have already been clipped and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The purpose of clipping these trees is to expose the tree to more sunshine, allowing more olives to grow. If you are interested in getting an already clipped olive tree, you can do so by checking out our collection here.

Mediterranean Olive Trees

A variety of different olive trees grow in different nations across the Mediterranean basin, and we offer a number of these here at Olive Grove Oundle. All of our Mediterranean olive trees have been carefully sourced and hand-picked by our team for their quality, form, and shape.