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Types Of Large Olive Trees

From large gnarled bonsai olive trees to multi stem varieties, we have a broad selection of large olive trees to choose from. Which one you want will likely depend on the aesthetic you wish to create and whether it will blend well with the rest of the plants and trees in your garden spaces.

Of course, the larger olive trees are also perfect for making a statement on their own outside a premium establishment or in a Mediterranean inspired garden. You can even create the drive or garden pathway of your dreams with our Avenue of Large Olive Trees.

Here is a complete list of large olive tree varieties we currently supply:

  • Gnarled Bonsai
  • Multi Stem
  • Mushroom


Can you pot large olive trees?

Yes, you can pot large olive trees. Many of our large olive trees are already potted with the pots included in the price.

Are large olive trees harder to manage?

In general, olive trees are very low maintenance - even the larger ones. You just need to make sure that they have good drainage, plenty of water in the summer and are exposed to lots of sunshine.

If you want to trim your large olive tree this could take a little longer due to their size and there may be some harder to reach branches. But other than that, they won’t be any harder to manage than smaller olive trees.

Can large olive trees live indoors?

Large olive trees are suitable indoor plants - you just need to make sure your ceiling is high enough!