We have a huge selection of Olive Trees for sale here at Olive Grove Oundle. These beautiful old trees are perfect as focal points or for creating a Mediterranean style garden. Our younger trees have a shrub like appearance. With some careful pruning and a few years of growth, they can grow into the more traditional Lollipop style olive trees. You can also encourage a young olive tree to take on the Pom Pom or Cloud style. Gnarled Olive TreesWe also have a huge selection of Ancient Gnarled Olive Trees in stock – which can be hundreds of years old! Each Gnarled Olive has it’s own unique style an characteristics. As many of our Trees are unique, you may be asked to select the exact tree you want to purchase. You can do this using the drop down labelled ‘Tree Number’. If you want a closer look, you may want to visit us. Alternatively email us at info@olivegroveoundle.co.uk for more information.

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