When to Trim Olive Trees: Our Top Tips

Olive Branch

Most olive trees don’t need pruning all that often. Although, if you’re serious about keeping your tree in optimal condition (and keeping it looking neat and tidy), a trim every now and then is certainly recommended. It becomes even more vital if you’re looking to harvest fruit from your tree. Ultimately, pruning exposes your tree […]

Are Olive Trees Poisonous to Dogs?

Olive Branch

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but certain plants don’t get along too well with our canine companions. For whatever reason, some well-known plants (like yews, mistletoe, English ivy and castor oil plants) can cause them serious harm. If dogs ingest even a little of one of these harmful plants, the consequences to their health […]

How much sun do olive trees need?

sun shining on olive tree

How Much Sun Do Olive Trees Need? It’s no secret that olive trees love the sun. But, did you know that in order to trigger the flowering and fruiting process olive trees need a few months of cold weather? In this guide we’re looking at exactly how much sun (and other climes) your olive tree […]

Do Olive Trees Flower?

olive tree branch

Do Olive Trees Flower? Olive tree flowers are small and white. Some of the flowers will be capable of producing fruit, whereas others are just pollen-producing. Olive trees won’t necessarily bloom every year. Despite being most associated with Italy, Spain and Greece, olive trees can thrive and flower in the UK – even as far […]

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