How much sun do olive trees need?

sun shining on olive tree

How Much Sun Do Olive Trees Need?

It’s no secret that olive trees love the sun. But, did you know that in order to trigger the flowering and fruiting process olive trees need a few months of cold weather? In this guide we’re looking at exactly how much sun (and other climes) your olive tree needs to thrive.

A little shade won’t harm your olive tree, but to be at their healthiest, they need as much sunlight as possible. Some trees are suitable for placing indoors, but they won’t last as long as outdoor ones simply because they won’t have the same exposure to sunlight.

Do olive trees need full sun?

Yes – full sun is best to allow your olive tree to thrive. There’s a reason they’re most closely-associated with the Mediterranean. Olive trees grow in abundance in Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and more. They’re grown commercially for their fruit and also as ornamental trees for gardens.

The UK isn’t known for its sunny weather, but olive trees are rather hardy. They can grow, thrive and flower in cooler climes. You just have to know what they prefer and ensure that they get all the nutrients, sunshine and water they need.

If you’re hoping your tree will flower, it’s best to ensure it has access to plenty of sunshine, enough wind for pollen to travel and two months of 10 degrees Celsius or lower. If there is a sub-zero cold snap, it’s recommended that you wrap a horticultural fleece around your tree.

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