How to Bring an Olive Tree Back to Life

olive tree

Olive trees are extremely resilient. They’ve been known to shrug off frost, drought and even fire, re-growing and flourishing once again where few other plants on Earth could. To say they’re miracles of nature is an understatement!

But despite how mighty the olive is, it’s not invincible. Even with the best will in the world – and appropriate care – olive trees can begin to drop leaves and die off. But fear not, because even when an olive tree looks dead, it may not be too late to save it.

If yours is looking a little worse for wear, you can use the following steps to help nurse it back to full health.


First up, a diagnosis. You won’t be able to give your tree what it needs unless you know what that is, so take the time to consider every possible factor. From pests to sunlight, the weather to the soil you’ve used, there are a variety of potential factors that could be to blame for your tree’s ill health.

Check your soil

One quick test you can do in moments is to check how moist the soil around your tree is.

This is particularly important if it’s in a pot. If the soil is dry, it’s likely your tree needs a drink. They may be drought tolerant, but olives still need a good swig of water every now and then, especially if they’re potted.

On the flip side, if the soil is wet, you may be overwatering your tree. This could be rotting the roots, and would explain why your tree is unhappy.

It’s also important to assess the condition of the soil. If it’s been a while since you re-potted your tree, for example, it’s a good idea to refresh the compost to give your tree the nutrients it needs.

Check your pot

If you have olive trees in pots, make sure it has a hole in the bottom for water to escape. This may have become blocked since you last checked, so if it has, make sure you clear it out. If your tree’s soil is still too damp and water isn’t draining enough, consider repotting the tree and adding more grit to the soil to aid drainage.

While you’re checking your tree over, keep an eye out for pests that could be wreaking havoc. Plus, make sure your pot is placed in the best possible location; the more sunlight, the better. If you need a pot, we can help.

Water carefully

Once your tree starts to recover, it’s important to water it carefully. Too much and you’ll overload the roots, causing them to rot over time. Not enough, and the soil will dry out, which can be just as bad.

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