Do Olive Trees Flower?

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Do Olive Trees Flower?

Olive tree flowers are small and white. Some of the flowers will be capable of producing fruit, whereas others are just pollen-producing. Olive trees won’t necessarily bloom every year. Despite being most associated with Italy, Spain and Greece, olive trees can thrive and flower in the UK – even as far north as Scotland.

How long do olive trees flower for?

Olive trees bloom loose clusters of whitish flowers in late spring – typically around April – May. The length of blossoming can vary. However, 6 weeks is average. This often depends on weather conditions. Olive trees love the sun, and to flower, need a little breeze or wind.

How do I get my olive tree to flower?

If you want to give your olive tree the best chance at flowering, you should plant it outdoors, as they are pollinated by the wind. A previous heavy crop will result in fewer flowers the following spring.

You might be surprised to read that an olive tree needs at least two months of cold weather (below 10 degrees Celsius) to produce flowers and fruit.

If you’ve had the tree for years, and it hasn’t bloomed yet, it could mean that you need to make some changes.

Making sure that you feed the plant the right nutrients, avoid over-watering and understand the best approach to pruning can all help your olive tree thrive and flower. But, ultimately, the weather and age of your tree will be prime factors in whether your olive tree is ready to flower or not.

An olive tree can flower but not produce fruit. A key reason for this is a lack of pollination. 
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