Are olive trees evergreen?

Olive Tree with Sunset

Yes! Olive trees are evergreen, and despite their Mediterranean heritage, they’re relatively easy to keep here in the UK.

They can shed leaves on occasion as the seasons change, but they’re quite hardy; an olive tree can survive in sub-zero temperatures, though anything below -5°C can cause harm – particularly once wind speeds pick up. Wrapping your tree in a horticultural fleece over winter should address this issue though, allowing your olive to retain enough heat to make it through the colder months.

You can have olive trees in pots, which make them versatile (and beautiful) complements to any garden or outdoor space.

Olive trees can produce fruit from time to time here in the UK, although not as commonly as they do on the continent. If we get a good summer though and your tree is positioned correctly (most likely in a south-facing garden), you could be rewarded in autumn with your very own olives.

Here at Olive Grove Oundle, we not only stock the UK’s most comprehensive selection of olive trees – all sourced responsibly from nurseries in mainland Spain – we can provide all of the advice and guidance you need to keep your new tree happy and healthy.

For more olive tree care tips and advice, explore our Advice and FAQs page.

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